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Timoteo and CellBlock13 Jockstraps

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Timoteo - Made in Los Angeles

cell Block 13 by Timoteo

Timoteo and

 Timoteo - Designed in Los Angeles

CellBlock13 was founded in 2012, by the well-known brand Timoteo. CellBlock 13 is the go to brand for FASHION MEETS FETISH and people all over the world count CellBlock 13 as the one place to find the latest in 'gear'.
Made in the USA!

Here at FetMax.NL we carry both Timoteo and CellBlock13 Jockstraps.

Designed in Los Angeles
Made in Los Angeles
CellBlock 13 is the answer to fetish meets fashion.
We pay close attention to fit, comfort and Fashion. We take into consideration how we all live, play and relax in fashion we create.
CellBlock13 is for the guy who isn't afraid to show off how he looks, how he feels and what he's into.