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Lust & Liebe



Toys for thrilling bondage games! Usable for male and female 'victims'. High quality Hand-made stainless steel and leather toys from Germany.

Lust & Liebe became popular because of the bondage hook, let's say 'THE HOOK'.
The delivery of The Hook includes a ball with 30mm or 40mm diameter and can additional be ordered with replacement- or extension-balls. The original ball always fits on top of the screwed balls thereby. It's possible to screw more than one extension-ball together.
Delivery includes a Ø30mm or Ø40mm ball.
art. #HK003 for the Hook with 30 mm ball or the #HK004 for the Hook with 40 mm ball.

There's also the Bondage String - BS003/BS004 - a toy for genital bondage!
The ball is fitted moveable to the tube, so You can adjust the Bondage String to its use and to fit to every bodysize. No tools are needed to do the adjustment. Enjoy it anal or vaginal, it is useable for men and women!
Delivery includes a Ø30mm or Ø40mm ball.
art. #BS003 for the Bondage String with 30 mm ball or the #BS004 for the Bondage String with 40 mm ball.

Plug Toys from Lust & Liebe

All of our Plugs are made from aluminium - mirror polished and without chrome or nickel.


Each plug has 8mm threading e.g. for use it with the dildo-bar DS001! All models available with a round or flat base!



The Dildo Plugs are in the sizes 30x130mm or 40x160mm (DI006, DI007, DI008, DI009)



Great to see and to feel are the Metal Cuffs, available in Circumference sizes (inside) from 170 up to 280mm (FE004, FE005, FE006, FE007)

- padded inside with rubber
- width: 60mm
- material: stainless steel 2mm
- mirror polished
- with high quality german padlocks
- available with chrome-plated padlocks

You can use them in combination with the Bondage Belt - FE050, the spreader-bar - ST001, the hanging-bar - ST004 or V2A Chain set with 4 chains - ZB004. Helpdesk
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