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The colorful and cheerful dispensers of pleasure express our love of life, good fun and confidence. Products for women, men or couples - for all who love their bodies and don't want to keep passion under wraps and especially for those who love to experiment!

Fun Factory has proven time and again with their products that erotic toys can be tasteful, full of playful zest and always meet the highest quality standards - and all since 1996!

Since then, Fun Factory believes they have contributed significantly

  • to integreating quality and functionality in erotic toy production
  • and using form and ergonomics as important design guidelines,
  • which all combine to make sex toys an integral part of our lifestyle.
  • In this way, we believe we have made great progress in creating a "cultural breakthrough" regarding acceptance of sexuality and sex toys.

Fun Factory products break down barriers with their appealing aesthetics and design and make it easier for anyone to reach out to erotic toys regardless of gender or age.

Perfected design and a harmonious appearance, together with convincing functionality give all FUN FACTORY products their special uniqueness.

Fun Factory has:

  • VIBES vibrators, DILDOS/STUBS (100% silicone),
  • ANAL TOYS like Flexi Felix, BOOTIE, DUKE-vibrating prostrate stimulator.
  • MEN TOYS, sensational stimulator COBRA libre - CLICK 'N' CHARGE

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