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CellBlock13 releases Asylum Collection (by Timoteo)

CellBlock13 releases Asylum Collection
Are you a fan of fetish? If so we a great line for you. Timoteo’s Cellblock13 just released the Asylum collection. Fetishwear is it’s own section of underwear. Either you like it or you don’t. There is very little middle ground. Cellblock13, I would say, is a little more on the hard core end of fetishwear. It is made for some serious playtime or to be seen at a bar night.

The new line has a Chap Pant, Lace Up Jock Trunk, Lace Up Jock Brief. Unlike the other lines they have released this one has only two colors, red/black and Navy/Yellow. This line is made out of nylon/spandex material. When I first saw it I thought it could be swimwear because of the fabric.

Timoteo went into detail about the line and pointed out the back. The back is reinforced and won’t roll, bunch up or any other combination. It will stay in place and look great. There is nothing worse than getting a pair and have to constantly readjust it. Especially a pair like the chap, that maybe worn out without anything over it!

Timoteo really knows how to make amazing fetishwear. The line for Cellblock13 never seems to amaze me. Just when I think I have seen it all they do something like this, where they play with fabric.

The Chap Pant, Lace Up Jock Trunk and Lace Up Jock Brief. Find them all at FetMax.NL Helpdesk
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