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Electro stimulation is a unique type of sexual stimulation as unlike normal sex toys that vibrate or rotate, ElectraStim directly stimulates your nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals that generate a highly stimulating sensation.

When using ElectraStim stimulators and electrodes you’ll feel tingling and contractions that complement sexual contact, improve the pleasure you feel and can even bring you to orgasm with no additional stimulation required. On higher levels electrostimulation can feel uncomfortable and even tortuous, which is why e-stim has such a close association with BDSM. The sensations you experience are entirely dependent on you, increase power slowly for a more sensual and erotic electro-sex experience.

If you’ve never tried erotic electro stimulation before then why not take a look at our electro sex starter packs which are an out of the box experience – all items included! If you are looking for a high-specification dual channel stimulator then look no further than our ElectraStim SensaVox set which also allows you to control stimulation using voice commands or music.
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