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All BON4 products are a pleasure to wear and come with a full one-year warranty

The BON4 silicone male chastity devices are more or less based on a wearer who appreciates a more comfortable device.

The flexible light silicone material allows you to keep it on with your normal activities, and while wearing the BON4 it will be relatively difficult to notice under trousers. Ideal on airports or at any security gate once the wearer of the silicone BON4 is locked up with the individually numbered plastic seal locks (provided with initial purchase). For those who have a large penis the BON4L could be a more suitable option.
The BON4 silicone male chastity device
The BON4 locks

The BON4M and BON4Msmall stainless steel series are for those who want to have a very secure device.

Compared to the silicone devices, these have a heavier feel when you are wearing one. The BON4M is serious chastity. There also seems to be a group who is attracted by the look, design and the feeling of the cold steel. All BON4 chastity devices come with standard 4 different sizes of back rings. And we are quite unique in offering an optional 36mm and/or 56mm hinged stainless steel back ring for the BON4M series. Note: Be patient and take the time to get used to a new chastity device. Slowly increase your time in the device of your choice. Having a chastity device should be fun and will spice up your relationship so hand over the keys to your key holder and enjoy!